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About Krista

My design background and training is twofold.  My first career began in interior design, but after some time off raising my children and healing from the death of my husband, I discovered a deeper appreciation of the powerful effects a garden can play on a person’s well being.

It was my personal journey through gardening that opened my eyes to the profound effect that nature has on the body, mind and soul. Because of this experience, I decided to go back to school and complete the University of British Columbia’s Garden Design Program. Under the direction of Ron Rule, one of Vancouver’s leading residential garden designers, I learned the many fundamentals and secrets of garden design. I find great satisfaction in designing unique outdoor garden spaces that my client’s can retreat to for relaxation as well as rejuvenation.

The garden has become much more than just a pretty place for plants. It has become a space where outdoor living becomes an extension of your interior space. The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to turn your dreams into a reality!